Tequila Jack’s

Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar situated at City Quarter in Cork City centre, overlooking the River Lee

Dome bookings for the Tequila Jack’s will open in early August 2020.
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Welcome to Tequila Jacks Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar.
Located on the vibrant boardwalk on Lapp’s Quay overlooking Corks lovey Lee.

Our kitchen serves up the best Mexican dishes every night and our bar has an amazing cocktail menu with the best margarita in town. We bring the taste of Mexico to Cork City.


We have de-constructed and re-constructed the Margarita several times to give you the best representation of an authentic Margarita.

We start with a high-quality Agave Nectar. Then to bring balance we add fresh lime juice. As most health food shops will tell you, Agave is a natural healthy alternative to sugar.

To add more to the citrus flavour we use a blood orange liqueur. Blood orange is naturally sweeter than the traditional orange that we would be more accustomed to.

And finally, we finish in the same way that we began, with Agave. This time with a high-quality Tequila.

We are proud of our Margarita, but, not precious about it. How you like your Margarita is a personal choice, so whether it’s on the rocks, frozen or straight up. Take your pick and enjoy.

Lapp's Quay
Cork County Cork IE
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✅ Guests are required to order a minimum of two courses each including a main course or a wood fired pizza.

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✅ Get full refund of the dome booking fee if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the start of your reservation.

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