Safe and unique dining experience
for the new reality

Restaurants • Hotels • Pubs/Bars • Breweries/Distilleries


We bring the domes

Beautiful, safe and all-weather dining pods  + accessories ar no cost to you

You assemble them

You build the domes on your premises, provide electricity, tables & chairs


Co-branded booking page

We create a dedicated booking webpage for your restaurant and run paid online marketing to promote it


Guests book dome dining on-line

•45 for dinner / 30 for lunch
•Private dome hire for up
•Guests also get a free welcome drink (we cover the cost)
•Max. 8 people group size (6x during COVID restrictions).

How you profit

You profit from the food and beverage you serve

You also get a 50% of the booking fee after the initial 16 weeks of cooperation


How we profit

We keep 100% of the booking fee (less the welcome beverage cost) for the initial 16 weeks of our co-operation. 



Hospitality industry has changed and restaurants as we know them might not be coming back for while.

Restaurateurs need to provide safe environment for diners to comply with new social distancing regulations. Guests need reassurance that it’s safe to eat out again.

Restaurants are less busy and the owners need to find a way to minimise the cost and streamline their operations without compromising on the quality.

After weeks of lockdown many hospitality businesses are strapped for cash, with little money to invest in protective solutions. 


Safe and unique dining experience at your restaurant

We provide restaurant owners with a free, turn-key solution to create a positive and exciciting dining experience, in line with social distancing regulations and without making any investments on restaurateurs’ part.

Helping hand in adapting to a new realityDine at Dome paves a way for restaurant owners to a more predictable revenue (bookings made in advance) with higher-margins (set-menus and booking fees) and creates a positive buzz around the restaurant (safe place, high standard, agile approach). 


Enjoy dining out without compromises on safety and comfort

Bring in your closest family or your “social-bubble” to a private bubble

Book your own dome for a unique and memorable dining experience

Enjoy eating outside, yet stay sheltered from the elements and other guests

Celebrate this special occasions in a magical setting

Admire 360° panoramic views from the comfort of your invisible pod


Outdoor Dining Pods
We will equip you with up to 8x unique, brand-new domes to be set up in your outdoor area. Made out of glass-like, solid polycarbonate, they have a premium look, are rainproof and windproof, and can sit up to 8 people comfortably.

Decks / Bases
We recommend creating simple wooden platforms for the domes to improve comfort of your guests inside. We will cover the cost of materials (£250 per deck) and provide digital deck plans. You will provide staff or organise the carpenter to build the decks on your premises.

Heating and Air Purifying
For each dome we will provide a top-of-the-shelf Dyson Heater & Air Purifier with a HEPA air filter. It offers a quick way of heating up the dome’s interior and is efficient enough to completely purify dome’s air volume every 45 seconds* (£450 deposit required, 100% refundable)

For each dome we will provide a complete lighting package consisting of:
• Table lamp: cord-free, rechargable lamp designed by Zafferano Italia to illuminate the table. It’s dimmable and provides 9 hours of continuous, warm light.
• Fairy lights: set of fairy lights creating great ambience and magical lighting effects
• Neon RGB LED: 10m long, lightstrip to be installed on the dome’s perimeter

For each dome we will provide a premium quality, cord-free, rechargable Bluetooth Speaker. It provides 10 hrs of continuous, high quality, immersive sound. You can choose the music for your guests or allow them to play their own playlists.

Floor covering
To make each dome cosy and comfortable, we will also provide durable and hard wearing floor coverings made from natural coconut fibre.

Waiter Call System
Each dome will come with a simple device for guests to communicate remotely with your staff. By pressing one of the two buttons: “Order” or “Pay”, guests will be able to change the colour of a Neon Lightstrip, which is visible from a distance even during daytime. Your staff will always know instantly which dome needs their attention.

Additional Equipment
We will also provide additional small furnishings and equipment, incl. a coffee table, coat hanger, umbrella holder, metal tray stand, plate cloches to keep the food warm and sheltered from rain when transported to the dome, even jackets and umberallas for your staff.

Dome Cleaning & Disinfection Kit
Together with the domes you will also get our Clean & Disinfect Kit containing: disinfectant liquid non-reactive with polycarbonate elements of the dome, fine spray bottle, microfibre cleaning cloths and a touchless disinfectant dispenser for guests.

Booking Page and Bookings Management
Dome bookings will be made by customers through a bespoke, co-branded webpage, that we will create and maintain at no cost to you. You will get access to our easy-to-use booking management system to track and modify dome reservations. You will build receive emails with each reservation.

Paid Online Marketing
Once the domes are open to public we will start an on-line campaign to promote your specific location with paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. On average we spend £1 800.00 – £2 500.00 on advertising during the first three months of cooperation. We will build awarness and drive a lot of new customers to your destination.

PR in Local Media
We will work with you to create and distribute a press release about dome dining at your destination in an attempt to attract attention of online and traditional local media. We will also cover up to £200.00 cost of hiring a professional photo/videographer.


Outdoor Space
You will provide an outdoor space suitable to build multiple pods on your premises. We recommend minimum of 4m x 4m space for each pod.

Our dining pods are delivered as complete kits for self-assembly. They come brand new, with complete packaging, step-by-step assembly manual and tools required to build them. It takes about 5-6 hours for two people to build one dome.

You will provide a suitable amount of electricity to your outdoor space. Each dome requires approx. 2.5 kW of power in total for heating and lighting.

Tables + Chairs
You will provide a dining table and chairs for up to 8 people. Round tables are recommended but rectangular ones work well too.

We will promote Dine at Dome experience at your restaurant in our networks, social media, and other marketing channels and expect that you do the same.



Offer improved safety and comfort to your guests


Comply with government social distancing regulations


Provide outdoor dining all year-round, in any weather and any conditions


Create new and exciting dining experience 


Gain higher margins on F&B by offering set/tasting menus for dome dining


Generate another income source from dome booking fees


Get predictable revenue with advanced reservations


Minimise no-shows because of the pre-paid bookings


Make media talk about your restaurant


Get all of these benefits without making significant investments


Truly magical setting

We celebrated my mums 60th in one of the domes. It was a lovely and unique experience, the setting was truly magical! Will definitely visit again and certainly recommend to friends and family. Thanks very much for a great evening. 

Heidi Wildman
visited Dine at Dome @ The Lancaster Arms, Desford, UK

Absolutely loved it!

Had a lush evening with the girls at the weekend in one of the pods. Really nice atmosphere especially as it got dark with all the fairy lights around. The food was lovely too! Would definitely recommend and come back 🙂

Alice Turner
visited Dine at Dome @ Tequila Jacks, Cork, Ireland

It felt very safe

We dined in one of the domes, as we have a vulnerable baby at home so wanted to be extra safe. The dome was very warm and we felt so safe and away from everyone else. They are aired out between guests and wiped down from the inside too. The food and service was excellent too. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend it.

Amanda Nelson
visited Dine at Dome @ The Willow Tree, Bourn, UK

Excellent experience

Really amazing all round experience, would recommend to even those concerned about dining out at the moment

Daniel Miskulin
visited Dine at Dome @ The Willow Tree, Bourn, UK

A delightful venue

It’s looks so beautiful & the photos look amazing. It was very private and we felt very safe in the current situation. Staff are so friendly, helpful & attentive. Highly recommend

Ann Marie Freeman
visited Dine at Dome @ The Willow Tree, Bourn, UK

A very special night

Really loved the idea of having dinner in a dome. It was our wedding anniversary and I wanted something different and it certainly was. The domes are so cosy and include a heater and a speaker so we could have our own choice of music. Also great service and lovely food, thank you!

Mark Pugh
visited Dine at Dome @ Cape Cornwall Club, Penzance, UK


Our cooperation model proves to be very successful with restaurants, pubs and hotels that already partnered up with us. 

With our marketing help, The Willow Tree Bourn, a Cambridgeshire gastro-pub, received nearly 1.000 dome bookings, resulting in over 3700 additional covers in less than 12 weeks (even despite Covid restrictions in place!). 

And because these are all pre-paid bookings, no-shows are not existent and the cancellation rate is very low.

   Open Wed – Sun
   2x Lunch slots + 2x Dinner slots
   Heated, Air-Conditioned and Air-Purified
   Wireless Speaker, Fairy Lights
   Up to 2 hours and 15 minutes long slots
   8 people groups (or 6 due to Covid-19)
   Up to 30 minutes breaks between groups

“The booking response has been incredible. The domes provide people with an extra sense of comfort at this time, as well as bringing a very magical dining experience to The Willow Tree. We’re super pleased with the result and our cooperation with Dine at Dome.” - says owner Shaina Galvin

Shaina and her team started with 3 dome units and we soon scaled up to 6 pods to meet the demand.

Base area: 10 m2 / 108 sq ft
Diameter: 3.5m / 11.8 ft
Height: 2.3m / 7.6 ft
Total weight: approx. 105 kg / 232 lbs

– Resistant to rain and violent winds
– Glass-like, noise-cancelling acoustic properties
– Temperature resistance:
-50°C to +95°C (-58°F to 203°F)
– Coated with two layers of UV-protection 

The dome is made out of 100+ solid polycarbonate panels. It comes as a complete kit for self-assembly, incl. aluminium entrance frame kit, rollable membrane zip door, anchoring kit (deck screws or ground anchoring pins), assembly toolkit, cleaning kit, etc.

Hypedome is engineered according to the norm “BS EN 13782 Temporary structure. Tents. Safety” and withstands violent winds, exceeding 71 mph / 115 km/h (11 Beaufort). They can be built in spaces exposed to strong, sustained winds as long as they are properly anchored to the ground. 

ANCHORING Hypedome comes with a set of deck screws to anchor the dome to a wooden or composite decking. Alternatively, we can provide it with a set of steel stakes if you want to attach it directly to the ground (soil/grass/sand). Expanding bolts can be used for anchoring to concrete.
Hypedome comes with a rollable, transparent PVC membrane door with two zips on the sides. You can easily roll it up/down to open/close the door. Extra-wide, 820mm door allows for easy wheelchair access, compliant with health & safety regulations.


Polycarbonate material used to produce Hypedome is fire classified as B, s2, d0 (difficult to ignite, limited smoke production, no drips/droplets). Reaction to fire tests were conducted based on the DIN EN 13501 standard.

The domes are designed for the self-assembly and come with a step-by-step assembly manual and tools required to build them. It takes approx. 5-6 hours for 2 people to complete the build.

Domes do not have their own power outlets, however each unit comes with an openable panel that allows to neatly bring electric cables into the dome and still keep it completely waterproof. 

The dome does not require a specific maintenance, except for the occasional checks on the tightness of bolts and screws. You can clean the dome with the regular water and mild soap with the use of the microfibre cloth to prevent scratches.