Costs of running a hospitality business are rising, but the full potential of your venue remains untapped.
With limited indoor space and strained budgets, restaurateurs need new revenue sources without making big investments. Yet, your outdoor area is only used seasonally.



Unique outdoor dining experience at your restaurant
We provide restaurant owners with a free, turn-key solution to create an exciting dining experience without making any investments on restaurateurs’ part.
Dine at Dome paves a way for restaurant owners to a more predictable revenue (bookings made in advance) with higher-margins (set-menus and booking fees) and creates a positive buzz around the restaurant.


How it works?

  • Dining pods
    We will provide – completely free of charge, without any investment on your part – up to 4x beautiful, self assembly Domes for your outdoor area. 
  • You will install the Domes – and furnish them to match your venue’s style and atmosphere – in the direct proximity of the restaurant, for at least 32 consecutive weeks.
  • Dining experience booking platform
    We will also provide a complete online platform for Dine at Dome experience at your restaurant. Your staff will get full access to bookings management.

  • Set menus with 2 dinner servings per night
    Dine at Dome experience is organised on a set/tasting menus basis. Up to 8 people can dine together in each dome. Each serving is up to 2.5 hours long. It’s up to you to come up with amazing tasting menus and take your guests for a delicious culinary experience.
  • Dome booking fee
    Diners pay £45 / €50 per dome booking (starting at £5.60 / €6.25 per person in a group of eight people). 

  • Who gets what?
    You – the restaurant owner –  keep 100% revenue made through food and beverage sales (your tasting menus). It’s up to you how much you charge for the culinary part of the experience.

    Dine at Dome keeps 100% of the booking fee on each dome reservation made during the initial phase of the cooperation. 

    After a certain amount of bookings (usually after around 20 weeks) we will share 50% of this fee with you, for as long as our co-operation lasts.

    • Reservations
      Dome reservations for customers will be available through a bespoke, co-branded webpage (your restaurant + Dine at Dome) that we will create and maintain at no cost to you.

      We will promote this website in our networks, social media and other marketing channels and will expect that you do the same. Your staff will be able access a booking management system to modify/move/cancel reservations manually.


    • Guests book a Dine at Dome experience in advance and pay the dome booking fee (£45 / €50) upfront. Cost of tasting menus is communicated on the website and paid at your restaurant at the end of the dining experience (together with any additional food or beverages ordered by your guests).
    • Menus and additional information
      When making the dome booking  guests can voice their special requests (e.g. birthday cake or a bottle of champagne) that add to your F&B revenue. Guests can also inform you about any allergies or special needs.
    • Our Customer Service team assists with any questions about the bookings, cancellations or refunts.
    • Tasting menus
      We encourage you to introduce and change your tasting menus frequently to attract more returning customers.
    • Restrooms 
      It is your role to provide a safe way for all guests to use restrooms.

    • Lunch hours
      If you want to offer Dine at Dome experience during lunch hours (or even offer breakfasts like some of our hotel partners), we will be happy to arrange it too on the same pre-booking basis. 

Benefits for restaurant owners/operators

  • • Maximise the potential of your outdoor area
  • • Provide outdoor dining in any weather conditions
  • • Create new and exciting dining experience 
  • • Gain higher margins on F&B by offering tasting menus 

  • • Generate another income source from dome booking fees

  • • Get predictable revenue with advanced reservations 
  • • Minimise no-shows because of the pre-paid bookings
  • • Use your existing infrastructure
  • • Make media talk about your restaurant
  • • Get all of these benefits without making any investments

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