The Willow Tree

Elegant shabby chic restaurant with al fresco terrace, beautiful country garden and the adjoining whimsical meadow.

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The Willow Tree is a charming independent restaurant renowned for gorgeous food & a wondrous ambience. This ‘hidden gem’ of Cambridgeshire now features three fairylit Dining Domes in their beautiful country garden, nestled besides the majestic Willow tree and overlooking their Secret Meadow.

Enjoy your very own dining bubble beneath the stars and feel safe in your space at this relaxed & happy hideaway.

You are just two steps away from a magical dining experience at The Willow Tree.

1️⃣  Please book your dome session on this page
2️⃣  Once confirmed, pre order your food & drink via the order app on the

Please read the following before making your booking:

✅ Party organiser will be required to pre order food & drink for the group via The Willow Tree website order app, no later than 48 hours before dining please.
✅ Guests are to order a minimum of two courses each including a main course/pizza.
✅ Be sure to notify us of any dietary requirements when ordering online.
✅ Additional drinks can be ordered on the evening direct from your phone to the bar via the same ordering app.


The Willow Tree Menus
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High Street 29
Cambridge CB23 2SQ England GB
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Your private dome hire 
✅ Please note that the dome booking fee only covers private hire of your dome, it does not include the cost of any food or drink.

Minimum order 
✅ Guests are required to order a minimum of two courses each including a main course or a wood fired pizza.

Booking cancellations & refund
✅ Get full refund of the dome booking fee if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the start of your reservation.

✅ Have questions about the Dine at Dome concept, dome booking fees or need help making your dome booking? Get in touch via email